Get more B2B Software Leads and Convert More Technology Buyers

Every technology company has leaks in its sales pipeline.

I’m sure you already know there are three stages in the technology selling process:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Lead Nurturing
  3. Lead Conversion

The problem is... all three stages leak. You need to plug them so you keep driving sales through the funnel.

Hi, I'm Kevin Webb. As a trained B2B Technology Copywriter, I can help you with increasing the quality and quantity of software and technology leads.

Improving Lead Generation

Plugging the leaks starts with quality lead generation geared to tech marketers. To increase the volume of qualified leads, you need to give your prospects and customers relevant, compelling content such as white papers and other content at the start and throughout their buying cycle.

To get more software customers, your content such as white papers must get their attention, be informative, and avoid overt sales pitches.

Continue with Lead Nurturing

We both know the sales process takes time. Whether you need to create lead nurturing touch points with tactics such as email marketing or case studies, I can help you convert leads to customers faster.

You have your quality leads and you’ve built trust through your lead nurturing campaign and it comes time to increase your conversion rates by 10% or more.

Kevin WebbConvert More Leads to Customers by using a B2B Technology Copywriter with Sales and Tech Experience

As a B2B Technology copywriter with a background in the technology industry and actual sales experience, I can increase the amount of software leads that eventually become customers.

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